How To Make A Light Bulb Pipe?

How do you make a lightbulb vape?

To make your own vaporizer, try using a light bulb.

As well as the bulb, you’ll need 2 straws and a bottle cap.

Cut the end off of the bulb and dispose of the wires inside.

Drill holes in the bottle cap, stick the straws through them, and put the cap on top of the bulb.

What do druggies use light bulbs for?

Light Bulbs. In a pinch, light bulbs can be used as a pipe for smoking meth or crack. Smoking out of a light bulb can be dangerous. The bulb is very brittle and can crack at any moment.

How do you hollow out a small light bulb?

Hollow Out the Lightbulb

  • Step 1: Tools. Utility knife or scissor.
  • Step 2: Process. Don’t touch crystal part of the bulb (because It can be broken and make you hurt)
  • Step 3: Remove the Bottom. Use knife to lightly press it out.
  • Step 4: Remove the Filament Part. Inside the bulb, there is inert gas – argon which was compressed.
  • Step 5: Clean.

How do you hollow out LED light bulbs?

How to hollow out a light bulb –