How To Make A Smoke Tornado?

How to Make a Smoke Tornado

  • Step 1: Store the smoke in your cheeks. Take a drag but don’t inhale! Just hold the smoke in your cheeks and keep it very still.
  • Step 2: Pour the smoke onto the table. Don’t force the smoke out, just open your mouth and let it ooze onto the table.
  • Step 3: Swoop hand in and then upwards. ‘

How do you make a tornado with vape smoke?

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How do you make a big vape tornado?

To achieve a perfect tornado takes a ton of practice. Just like the vape bubble trick, you will need a toilet paper roll. Take and inhale a long pull from your e-cigarette and exhale through the toilet paper roll onto the “tornado surface.” Use your hand to chop downward at the surface lightly.

How do you make a heart with smoke?

Blowing a smoke heart

Once you have nailed your rings, there are two ways of turning a good ring into a heart shape. The first is to firmly snap your fingers just above the top arc of the ring. This air disturbance will cause the top of the ring to collapse into itself, creating a heart.

How do you make a wind tornado?

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How do you do o vape trick?

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How do you do smoke tricks?

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How do you vape a ghost?

The ghost inhale is one of the easier vaping tricks. Take a long pull from your e-cigarette and let the vapor linger in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Push all the vapor from your mouth in a ball, then quickly re-inhale the “vapor ball.”

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How do you smoke a ghost?

A ghost inhale involves exhaling a bubble of smoke and then inhaling it back into the mouth. To perform this trick first hold smoke in the cheeks to allow thickening, then open the mouth in bubble shape kind of like a fish, then gently blow out a smoke bubble, and quickly inhale it back in.

Can you do vape tricks with a Juul?

But it’s entirely possible to do many of the cool smoke tricks listed with cig-a-like style vaporizers such as the Juul. While the more complicated or heavy vapor tricks are much more difficult with these devices, it doesn’t take much practice to do several smoke tricks correctly with the mini vapes.