How To Smoke Out Of A Chillum?

How do you pack and smoke a chillum?

Pile tobacco on a tray and press the end of the chillum into the pile, press in with a finger to make sure it sticks, put your mouth on the mouthpiece and light the other end. Inhale lightly and slowly to avoid sucking in ash into your mouth. Chillums are small and you may not get many hits from them.

How do you smoke a chillum alone?

If you are smoking alone, you can hold the pipe the same way and make a fist. This will seal off your hand as much as possible, leaving your other hand free to light the Chillum.

Using a Chillum Pipe:

  • Know how to hold a Chillum.
  • Light the substance.
  • Inhale slowly.

How do you make a Chillum?

SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Carrot Chillum –

Which Chillum is the best?

Quick Top 5 Best Chillums:

Rank Product Price
2 American Helix Solo Chillum Check Prices
3 Chameleon Dubdancer Glass Chillum Check Prices
4 Glassheads Magic Mushroom Chillum Check Prices
5 BoroDirect Spiral Fumed Chillum Check Prices

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