How Long To Smoke Meat Chart?

BBQ Smoking Times and Temperatures Chart

Type of Meat Smoking Temp* Time to Complete
Brisket (Sliced) 225 1.5 hours/pound
Brisket (Pulled) 225 1.5 hours/pound
Pork Butt (Sliced) 225 1.5 hours/pound
Pork Butt (Pulled) 225 1.5 hours/pound

10 more rows

How long does it take to smoke meat?

On average, you will need 6 to 8 hours, but brisket can take up to 22 hours. When smoking, some cooks will follow the “3-2-1 rule.” The first 3 hours the meat is left to smoke; then the meat is wrapped in aluminum foil for the next 2 hours so the interior of the meat cooks properly.

What is the quickest meat to smoke?

Beef smoking times and temperatures

Smoker Temp Smoking Time
Beef brisket 225-250° F 12 – 20 hours
Back ribs 225-250° F 3 – 4 hours
Short ribs 225-250° F 6 – 8 hours
Spare ribs 225-250° F 5 – 6 hours

7 more rows

At what temp does meat stop taking smoke?

There is no time limit on smoke absorption. The ring stops growing when the meat hits about 170°F and myoglobin loses its oxygen retaining ability, not 140°F. Salt has little to do with it.

Can you smoke meat at 100 degrees?

It can be done in two basic ways, which happens to be Hot Smoking and Cold Smoking. The former is done in temperatures between 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit while the latter is done in temperature less than 100 degrees. For smoking to be done well, you should have the right supplies and equipment.