How Much Do Potheads Smoke A Day?

What is considered a pothead?

stoner: someone who smokes weed consistently.

pothead: someone who smokes weed consistently and irresponsibly.

How much do you have to smoke to be a pothead?

The only way to measure it is to take the amount of times per week you misplace your car keys, and add that to the amount of times per week you look as furiously as possible for your lighter without ever actually standing up. If that number is over 25, it’s safe to say you’re a stoner. This.

Are Stoners healthier?

Here’s some good news. On average, stoners have smaller waists, less “bad” cholesterol and more “good,” and a lower BMI than the average American. Cannabis may even help regulate blood sugars. However, once high, we can make bad decisions, so prepare snacks in advance, choosing healthy options.

How many blunts does Willie smoke a day?

81 blunts