How To Get Thin Blue Smoke?

How do you get blue smoke?

Use your fire box vent to control the burn and achieve a thin blue smoke coming out of your exhaust vent or stack.

For smoking meat your chamber temperature should be between 180 and 250 degrees leaning more towards 225 degrees.

For charcoal cookers it may mean you need to adjust the amount of charcoal and wood used.

What is Thin Blue Smoke?

What is Thin Blue Smoke? Thin Blue Smoke is the byproduct of clean-burning wood – at just the right temperature – and it’s packed with pure “smoky” flavors. Too much wood will produce a thick, white smoke. If you’ve got this smoke, your bed of coals isn’t hot enough for the amount of wood and it chokes out your coals…

Why does my smoked meat taste bitter?

Identifying Creosote, the Bitter Flavor on Smoked Meats. You need to bring smoke to the meat but you can’t hold it there for too long. Smoke that becomes too heavy or stays for too long creates a substance called creosote.

How do I get blue smoke out of my electric smoker? – When smoking meat achieve Thin Blue Smoke