How To Install A Smoke Detector?

Are smoke detectors easy to install?

Install your battery-powered smoke detectors by simply screwing them into the ceiling or wall.

Some smoke detectors come with an adhesive-like mounting tape for even easier installation.

Test your smoke alarm once a month and replace the batteries every year [source: USFA].

Where should smoke detectors be placed?

Install smoke alarms inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement. On levels without bedrooms, install alarms in the living room (or den or family room) or near the stairway to the upper level, or in both locations.

How can I install smoke detector without drilling?

Putting up a smoke alarm without drilling is super easy. All you need is a pack of VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Stick On Coins. Stick one side of the hook and loop coin to the ceiling, and the other half to your smoke alarm. Then simply stick it on!

Can I install a smoke detector on the wall?

Smoke alarms should be installed at least 10 feet (3 meters) from a cooking appliance to minimize false alarms when cooking. Mount smoke alarms high on walls or ceilings (remember, smoke rises). Wall-mounted alarms should be installed not more than 12 inches away from the ceiling (to the top of the alarm).

How much does it cost to install a hardwired smoke detector?

The average cost to have a smoke detector hardwired into your home is around $150. Yes, electricians install smoke alarms that are hardwired or interconnected.