How To Make Colored Burnout Smoke?

How do they make colored tire smoke?

The secret to creating coloured burnout smoke is to introduce particular compounds into the raw rubber that vaporise in a coloured plume at the temperatures created during a burnout.

So what are these compounds?

Well, Highway Tyres aren’t saying.

Think of it as the tyre’s 11 secret herbs and spices.

How do I burn out more smoke?

Tire Science! Does a Bleach Bath Make Bigger Burnouts? We Find

How do you do a burnout gender reveal?

Run your tires (step on the accelerator), then watch the blue or pink powder fly out to reveal the sex of your baby. Your purchase includes a black bag for one tire. Buy 2, 3, or 4 kits for a more dramatic burnout gender reveal! All kits are very easy to attach.

Can you get colored tires?

You can get tires in an array of colors, and now even in dual colors that start with one hue of smoke and transition to the other one during the burnout. Why aren’t there more colored tire options out there? Basically, it comes down to market demand. Tires in any color other than black cost more and don’t last as long.