How To Smoke A Raw Ham?

What temperature do you smoke a raw ham?

Smoke at 225 for 4-5 hours until it hits 160 degrees (baste every 2 hours as needed).

Then once it hits 160 I wrap in aluminum foil and return to the smoker.

Pull it off when the final temp hits 190 and let it rest in a dry cooler wrapped in old towels for a couple hours.

How do you smoke a raw ham in an electric smoker?

Smoked Fresh Ham –

How long does it take to cold smoke a ham?

Cold smoke the ham at no more than 100°F for 12 hours. (Cold-smoking infuses the meat with smoke flavor without cooking the meat.)

Do you have to cook smoked uncured ham?

HAM, BOILED: A fully cooked, boneless product which must be cooked in water and may be processed in a casing or can. HAM, FRESH (or uncured): The uncured leg of pork. Since the meat is not cured or smoked, it has the flavor of a fresh pork loin roast or pork chops.