How To Smoke Tuna In Electric Smoker?

Is Tuna Good smoked?

When it comes to Tuna steaks they are a very versatile slices of meat.

It doesn’t have the that overpowering fishy smell that you would expect and even the feel doesn’t seem fish like at all unlike other fish steaks you can get.

That’s why it is perfect for smoked tuna.

Can you smoke canned tuna?

You do not have to brine the tuna before smoking it however there is a special process for preparing and smoking fish if you are going to can it. You only smoke it for 2 hours and then it is processed for 110 minutes in a pressure canner at 10# pressure for weighted gauge canners and 11 pounds for dial canners.

What temp is smoked tuna done?

about 140 degrees

How do you smoke tuna on a green egg?

Ahi Tuna steaks on the big green egg: how-to cook tuna steaks