FAQ: How To Cook Alligator Meat On Grill?

How do you tenderize alligator meat?

You can treat alligator meat just like you would chicken or beef. Tenderize it using a standard meat mallet and for an extra delish result, sprinkle on your favorite meat tenderizer, too. For alligator meatballs or tacos, go with ground gator meat.

How long does it take to cook alligator meat?

Fry a few pieces at a time until the alligator just begins to float and is golden brown, 5 to 7 minutes.

What is the best way to cook an alligator?

My favorite section of the gator, is the tail meat. Like chicken and pork, it cooks up fast over direct heat. Slice the tail into 1-2-inch pieces and dust with Cajun seasoning and some garlic powder. Skewer the pieces and grill them over high heat for about five minutes per side.

How long does it take to grill a whole alligator?

We will be cooking the alligator at 350 degrees, depending of the size you want to use 3 minutes per pound for a average time. But (most important is you meat temperature in the thickest part of the tail reaches 190 degrees) then it is ready. So start taking the temperature after about 15 minutes.

Is Alligator white or red meat?

Alligator has a tender texture, similar to that of chicken or pork. Just like chicken, it has both white and dark meat. The most sought after meat is the white meat, as it is the most mild and tender.

Is alligator meat good eating?

Alligator meat has one of the highest percentages of protein per gram of any meat on earth. This provides a great lean meat alternative to chicken, turkey, and pork. At 46 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat per 100-gram piece, the nutritional value is unmatched by other light meat protein.

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How do you know when an alligator is cooked?

The meat will cook quickly in the hot oil, so keep your eye on the pan. When the batter turns a golden brown and the meat floats to the top of the oil, the alligator is cooked thoroughly!

What part of Alligator do you eat?

However, the most commonly eaten parts of any alligator are the ribs and the tenderloin. Gator ribs are usually treated just like pork spare ribs, and they can be baked, grilled, or smoked. Gator tenderloin encompasses the inner piece of the tail, and each tail has two tenderloins.

Is alligator a seafood?

Catholic Archbishop Declares Alligator Seafood for Lent According to NPR, the alligator was officially sanctioned as a member of the seafood group three years ago after Jim Piculas wrote a letter to Archbishop Gregory M.

Is alligator meat bad for you?

Sagrera describes it as a “ health meat ” – white and firm. Plus, gator is low in cholesterol and fat, and rich with Omega 3. “It is easily digestible and has a delicate flavor that can be enhanced by a chef’s culinary expertise.”

Is alligator meat tender?

Portioned into steaks or fillets, alligator tails are definitely considered a delicacy, and can be served up like any fine meat – grilled, pan-friend, etc. The flavor is mild and juicy, with a tender texture.

Can you eat gator raw?

It is commonly sold frozen, but can also be obtained fresh. Alligator meat can be cooked in many different ways. Generally, restaurants serve it as an appetizer. However, in many restaurants, the cuts of alligator meat are baked, sauteed‚ grilled or fried, and served as a main entree.

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What does alligator taste like?

What does alligator taste like? The age-old saying “it tastes like chicken” actually applies here… kind of. When cooked, alligator has a similar texture to dark meat chicken, but with a faint fishiness to it.

How much meat do you get from a gator?

Each yields about 40 pounds of meat. When it comes to selecting gator to eat, Stevens is partial to meat from farm-raised animals because it is more consistent and tender than from animals harvested in the wild. And the meat from wild ones can be fishy or gamey, she says.

Where can I buy alligator meat in Florida?

General Information

Name Phone Address
Boston’s Gator Farm (407) 402-2983 1080 N. Elder
Brook’s Brothers Alligator Farm (407) 568-0134 26063 E. Highway 50
Central Florida Trophy Hunts (321) 632-8995 1655 Alligator Lane
Cypress Creek Farms (904) 964-3339 13715 NW County Rd. 225