FAQ: How To Get A Plat Of Survey Cook County?

How do I get a copy of my plat of survey Cook County?

Please begin the process by emailing a copy of your plat (s) to: [email protected]

What is a plat of survey?

A plat of survey is drawing that represents a single property that has been surveyed in the field and certified by an Illinois licensed land surveyor. Most plats of surveys are held by either a property owner, a mortgage company, a government agency that issued a building permit, or the land surveyor that prepared it.

Is a plat map a survey?

A Plat or Survey Map is the result of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey – also commonly referred to as a Property Map. The Plat Map will depict all information identified in the ALTA Survey, including: boundary, descriptions, dimensions, closures, easements, servitudes, rights of way, access and record documents.

How do I find my property index number Cook County?

Your Property Index Number (PIN) is printed on your tax bill, your property closing documents and deed, and notices from the Assessor’s office (such as your assessment notice).

How do I get a copy of my deed in Cook County IL?

Copies of your deed can be obtained from the Cook County Recorder: Online at CookRecorder.com (non-certified, $2.50 per document, plus credit card processing fee) In person at any of the Recorder’s 6 locations ($10.00 for the first 2 pages, non-certified; $20.00 for the first 2 pages, certified.

How do I find my property pins?

Go to your front curb and measure back about 15 feet in the area you think your marker should be. Use a metal detector and then start digging. The marker should be about 6-10 inches below the surface. Newer survey pins may have a colored cap with numbers on the top.

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How do I get a survey plat?

Copies of property plats, or surveys that show when a large piece of land has been divided into smaller parcels, are often available from the county recorder for free or a small fee. Contact the title company that handled the title transfer when the sale of the property closed.

What’s the difference between a survey and a plat?

A survey will show any dwellings, buildings or improvements (driveways, fences, pools) located on the property; A plat usually shows the dimensions of the property before the improvements are made. A plat will often cover more than one lot or parcel of land.

How much does a plat survey cost?

A simple property boundary survey costs anywhere from $100 to $600, while a mortgage survey costs an average of $500, according to data from HomeAdvisor, which lists average costs for various types of property surveys.

Is a plat a legal document?

Plats are based in public law, not contract law. Plats ensure property owners don’t trespass on another’s property, land for public use remains public, lots comply with zoning rules and restrictions, and all property owners have access to utilities.

How accurate are plat maps?

Are plat maps accurate? Plat maps are accurate enough to determine who the legal property owner is. They are great for general use for a large tract of land but not accurate representations of individual lots.

What is the difference between a deed and a plat?

The plat map prevents the need to resurvey the land. Easements within a subdivision – plat maps show the easements associated with a property. The information is compared with deed documents to show legal land use.

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Are Cook County property taxes delayed?

The Cook County Board of Commissioners voted to waive late fees for two months on both property tax installments due in 2021, giving cash-strapped property owners more time to juggle their finances. The First Installment of 2020 taxes is due March 2, 2021, with application of late charges moved back to May 3, 2021.

What state has the highest property tax?

Hawaii has the lowest effective property tax rate at 0.30%, while New Jersey has the highest at 2.21%. Several other states have property tax rates under 1%, many of which are located in the South.

How much is Cook County property tax?

Overview of Cook County, IL Taxes The state of Illinois is known to have some of the highest property taxes in the U.S, and Cook County is no different with an average effective rate of 2.10%, almost double the national average.