How Far To Smoke A Cigar?

How far down should I smoke my cigar?

If you turn to “cigar etiquette” sources, you might have heard you should never smoke more than half a cigar (downright ridiculous, if you ask me). Another common “rule” is that you should set your cigar down and let it burn itself out (not snuff it out) when three finger-widths are left, measured from the end.

Do you smoke an entire cigar?

No, cigar smoke is not usually inhaled, you draw it into your mouth because it is more about the taste of the smoke. There may be a misconception that cigars are safer because many cigar smokers smoke cigars far less frequently than cigarette smokers smoke cigarettes.

Should you smoke a cigar past the label?

The best reason for leaving the band on is so you do not damage the delicate wrapper leaf. The glue may tear the leaf and spoil your smoking experience. After you’ve smoked past the half-way point, the glue will have warmed from the temperature of the burning cigar and you can easily remove the band if you like.

How do you properly smoke a cigar?

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