How Long To Smoke Baby Back Ribs At 250?

“For most BBQ recipes, I find 250 degrees is a great temperature for smoking at the house.

At this temperature, baby back ribs will cook in approximately 4 hours while a St.

Louis cut rib will cook in approximately 5 hours.”

How long does it take to smoke baby back ribs at 225?

3 hours

How long does it take to cook baby back ribs at 275?

Cook ribs at 275 degrees for approximately two hours, flipping the ribs after one hour. After two hours, place each rack of ribs individually BONE SIDE UP on (separate) large sheets of tin foil and wrap tightly (no leaks).

How do you smoke ribs at 250?

Smoke for 2 hours. Wrap ribs lightly in aluminum foil to retain juices. Continue smoking for 1 1/2 hours at 225 to 250 degrees F (107 to 121 degrees C). Remove foil and continue to smoke until meat is tender but still stays on the bone, about 1 hour more, brushing lightly with barbeque sauce in the last 15 minutes.

What temperature should baby back ribs be smoked at?

about 225°F