How To Smoke A Joint?

Tips for Smoking a Joint Properly:

  • Whoever rolls it, sparks it.
  • Roast your joint.
  • Take slow, steady hits.
  • Puff, puff, pass.
  • Ash before you pass.
  • Don’t babysit the joint.
  • Don’t exhale in anybody’s face.
  • Try not to slobber on the joint.

Once you have all the supplies, you then:

  • Cram a towel into the crack of the door, and turn on the shower.
  • Put the dryer sheet (or sheets) into the cardboard tube.
  • Light up the joint once your bathroom starts to resemble a steam room.
  • To smoke, inhale the joint, then blow the smoke through the carboard tube.

To smoke, inhale the joint, then blow the smoke through the carboard tube. This keeps the smoke from smelling. Flush the roach down the toilet once you’re done, then use the bathroom vent to get rid of the smoke/steam.While you can use a bong or pipe, joint smokers will be glad to know that the shower method works best with a joint, because they’re small, discrete, and leave no evidence. Step 2: Cram your towel into the crack beneath your door, so that no smoke can leave the bathroom.Put a towel under the door and open a window, put a standing fan somewhere in the middle of the room blowing towards it and another fan in the window blowing out. Blow smoke through a spoof tube through the back of the window fan. Spray some Febreeze. Plan goes to hell if neighbors’ window is also openThe 8-Step Guide to Safely Smoking Out Your Dorm Room

  • Keep your bud hidden and sealed. Mason jars and pill cases work well.
  • Be the guy who has eyedrops on hand all the time.
  • Control the airflow.
  • Invest in a vaporizer.
  • Sleep with your RA (if RA is of the opposite sex).
  • Don’t act a fool.
  • Know your rights.
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How do you smoke a joint for beginners?

How to smoke a joint for the first time

  1. Break It Down.
  2. Prepare the Filter.
  3. Put It on Paper.
  4. Tuck.
  5. Roll & Lick.
  6. Twist & Light it Up.
  7. Draw into Your Mouth First then inhale into your lungs.
  8. Use a Rhythm, like Yoga.

How do you take a joint?

How to Roll a Joint (Properly) –

Do you need to put tobacco in a joint?

A pure joint might contain a half or full gram of cannabis; a spliff usually contains about half that. And because the cannabis is combined with tobacco, you’re not only smoking less bud, you’re also adding nicotine — a stimulant — to the mix.