How To Smoke A Swisher Sweet?

Which end do you smoke a Swisher Sweet?

Place the cigarillo tip in your mouth and light the end.

On most cigarillos, one end tapers slightly; this end is the side which is placed between the lips for smoking.

The other side, which is not tapered, is the side to which the flame of a lighter or match will be applied to ignite the tobacco.

Do you inhale a cigarillo?

Like cigars, cigarillos are not meant to be inhaled. As a result of this, it is often assumed that cigarillos are a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but health authorities around the world still warn smokers of the risk they pose due to smoke being in the mouth.

How do you open a Swisher Sweet?

Make a small cut with your fingernail at the mouthpiece of the cigar. The mouthpiece is thicker, and usually splits pretty clean. Put a thumb on both sides of the cut you’ve just made, and gently start to pinch your thumbs towards your index fingers and pull your thumbs slightly outward.

What is in a Swisher Sweet?

Like all cigars and cigarillos, Swisher Sweets are primarily a tobacco product. They are composed of a mixture of tobacco, tobacco additives and fillers.