How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig Or Pen?

How do you smoke dabs without a pen?

Vape Pen

  • Put a small dab on your metal dabber.
  • Take the atomizer off the battery chamber and place the concentrate on the unheated coil. You don’t want the metal dabber to make contact with the coil.
  • Turn your vape on and reattach the atomizer.
  • Press the button and hold it to allow the coil to heat up.

How do you hit dabs without a dab rig?

For people who don’t have a fancy rig, the the knife hit is a classic trick—all you need is a metal knife, a paper clip or pen, and a disposable plastic water bottle. Cut the plastic water bottle in half, and notch the bottom of the top half of the bottle. Take off the cap and stand the half bottle on a flat surface.

How can I smoke wax without a warmer?

Place the knife on the inside of the bottle without touching any of the plastic—you don’t want any plastic melting off. Drop the dab on the hot knife while inhaling from the top of the bottle and there you go. That’s how you smoke wax without a dab rig.

How do you smoke dabs with water pipes?

How to Dab by Billowby –

How do you smoke dabs at home?

First, heat up the lighter until it glows red hot. Next, place the top half of a plastic bottle over the lighter, dab a bit of wax onto the hot coil, and inhale the smoke through the bottle.

Can you dab with a paperclip?

Thanks to its thermal properties and smart design, the Paperclip Dabber really does make handling hot, sticky puddles a breeze. By using this tool, you’re not just ensuring that every drop of your dab will be vaped, you’re also guaranteeing that every draw will be clean, tasty and strong.