How To Smoke In A Dorm Room?

How can I smoke in my dorm without it smelling?

get plastic wrap and duct tape to cover the smoke detector.

stuff a toilet paper tube full of dryer sheets, and cover each end with them too, when smoking blow the smoke through this device and out the window.

The smell will be mostly covered by the stuff in the dryer sheets.

How do you smoke in a uni room?

How to smoke in your uni room without getting caught

  • Put a sock over the fire alarm. A classic move.
  • Cut the wire so you can smoke out of the window.
  • Stuff a towel under the door.
  • Bolt the front door to stop people walking in on you smoking.
  • Use candles, incense or Febreeze.
  • Wash your sheets often.
  • Cook some popcorn.
  • Smoke into the extractor fan.

How do you smoke in your room with a smoke detector?

Neutralize the Smoke Alarm

To cover the fire alarm you can use a plastic bag or a lightweight clothing item. At this point, you are as ready as you can possibly be. Stand next to the window, sip your drink and smoke. Exhale any smoke outside the window, and keep the cigarette in a position so any smoke blows outside.

How do you cover smoke detectors in a dorm room?

Fold a plastic grocery bag in half and place it over the smoke detector. Use painter’s tape to secure the grocery bag in place. Any other type of tape might take the paint off the wall when you try to remove it.