How To Smoke In A Hotel Room Without It Smelling?

Immediately after you smoke, run a really hot shower in the bathroom.

The steam will knock down smoke and absorb the remaining smell.

Throw some of the hotel shampoo in there too, and soon your room will smell like a flowery bath, and you can relax without the paranoia of someone interrupting your high time.

How do you get the smoke smell out of a hotel room?

  • Add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil to a box of baking soda and shake.
  • Pour ½ cup of white vinegar into a few hotel cups.
  • Put several pieces of activated charcoal on a paper towel and set it in the middle of the room.
  • Spray the room with air freshener.
  • You can also plug in an electronic air filter or ozone generator.

How can you smoke in a hotel and not get caught?

Lock your door, place the undisturbed sign outside, and place a wet towel at the bottom of the door to prevent any airflow. This will prevent any smoke and smells from slipping under the door. But make sure you don’t blow towards a smoke alarm!

How can hotels tell if you smoke in the room?

Like cover the smoke detector, ashes on the floor or in the toilet, and a haze that is seen upon entering the room. From a hotel worker if you smoke in the room do it in the bathroom with the door closed and bathroom fan on. The vent will help dissipate the smell and it’d be less likely they’ll find out.

What happens if you smoke in a non smoking hotel room?

If you happen to smoke a cigarette and check out you will be charged on your card. The cleaning crew has to use harsh chemicals to treat the floors and bedding just to get the awful smell out. The smell then has to be aired out using windows and air freshner.