How To Trim A Smoke Bush?

How do you prune a smoke bush tree?

How to Prune a Smoke Bush Into Tree Form

  • Evaluate your smoke bush in late winter or early spring before new growth begins and select the strongest two to three trunks, evenly spaced across the plant.
  • Cut out all other trunks and shoots at the ground with loppers.
  • Prune away lower branches with loppers or hand pruners depending on their diameter.

When should you prune smoke bushes?

The rule for pruning deciduous flowering plants states that if it flowers after June 1, like the smoke bush, you need to prune in early spring. Smoke tree pruning can also be done in late winter if you wish to rejuvenate the plant and cut it all the way to the ground.

Should you prune a smoke bush?

Pruning needs are minimal with smoke bush. You can prune anytime to remove damaged branches, but spring is the best time to prune in order to shape the shrub or rejuvenate it. If you wish to avoid the messy flowers, prune heavily in spring to remove the flowering wood.

Can you hard prune Cotinus?

Cotinus. Hard prune to ground level in late winter to stimulate next year’s foliage, or remove one-third of stems in mid-spring for a display of fine young foliage and attractive flowers.