How Long After Taking Off Nicotine Patch Can I Smoke?

How long should wait to have cigarette after taking patch off?

Nicotine on your hands could get into your eyes and nose, and cause stinging, redness or more serious problems.

Step 6: After 16 or 24 hours, remove the patch you have been wearing.

Can you put a nicotine patch on after smoking?

Do not smoke any cigarettes after Midnight on your Quit Date. Then begin using nicotine patch therapy first thing in the morning on your Quit Date. 3. Apply the patch to a clean, dry, hairless area of skin on the upper chest, back, upper arm, or hip as directed by the package directions.

When can I stop using a nicotine patch?

Reduce the amount of nicotine by using a lower-dose patch. Sleep problems may go away in 3 or 4 days. If not, and you’re using a 24-hour patch, try switching to a 16-hour patch. Stop using the patch and try a different form of NRT.

How long do nicotine patches last?

Generally, patches are recommended for 8-10 weeks, though towards the end of the usage period you should switch to a lower dose in order to gradually wean yourself off nicotine.