How Long Do You Smoke Burgers On A Traeger?

How long does it take to cook a burger on a Traeger?

When ready to cook, start the Traeger according to grill instructions.

Set the temperature to 450 degrees F (set to 500 degrees if using a WiFIRE-enabled grill) and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes.

Arrange the hamburgers directly on the grill grate.

Cook for 6 minutes then flip patties.

How long does it take to smoke hamburgers?

about 60-90 minutes

Do you flip burgers when smoking?

Do You Flip Burgers When Smoking

As long you are smoking your burgers on the grate and not in a pan, you don’t need to flip them until it is time to sear both sides over direct heat.

How do you smoke hamburgers on a pellet grill?


  • Add your preferred flavor of wood pellets to your wood pellet smoker (I recommend Hickory for burgers)
  • Preheat wood pellet smoker to 425-450 degrees with the lid closed.
  • Add the patties, close the lid, and let cook for 8-9 minutes.

What temperature do you cook hamburgers on a Traeger grill?

450 degrees F

Can you grill on a Traeger without smoke?

This is the time you want to pull out the long sticks and start roasting some hot dogs. No smoke, but nothing beats a hot dog over the campfire because we’re still getting great wood fired taste. In the Traeger, this is from about 300 degrees and up. no smoke, just wood fired grilled ribs.

What temperature should Hamburgers be smoked at?

One of the benefits of grilling on a wood pellet grill is that you can get wood-fired flavor on your grilled burgers. For smoked burgers, set the temperature to 225 degrees Fahrenheit or to Smoke or Super Smoke depending on the grill you have for 25-30 minutes.

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Are smoked burgers good?

It’s strong enough to give you good smoke flavor in the limited time that the burgers will be exposed to smoke. Once your grill is preheated, place your burgers on the grates and close the lid. Depending on the thickness of your burgers, you should be able to smoke them for about 1 hour.

Why is smoked meat still pink?

What causes a “smoke ring” to form around smoked meats? A pink (or red) color in meat usually indicates the presence of myoglobin. Myoglobin’s reddish pigment is usually lost when meat is cooked because the heat causes it to denature and turn brown.