How Long To Smoke 10 Lb Brisket?

How long do you smoke a 10 pound brisket?

Close the lid on the smoker and, maintaining 225 degrees F, continue cooking until the internal temperature of the brisket reaches 202 degrees F in the thickest part of the meat (takes anywhere from 5-8 hours). Remove the brisket to a large cutting board and allow to rest for 1 hour before slicing.

How long does it take to smoke a 12 pound brisket?

8 hours

How do you smoke an 11 pound brisket?

Once you put the rubbed brisket on your 225F-degree smoker, spritz it with apple cider vinegar every couple hours. When it reaches about 165F degrees and has a beautiful mahogany bark, spritz it some more and wrap it tightly in two layers of foil or peach paper. For a 11-pound brisket, this can take about 5-6 hours.

How long should a brisket take to smoke?

How long does it take to smoke a brisket?

  • About an hour and fifteen minutes per pound if you cook at 250F and don’t wrap.
  • About an hour per pound if you cook at 250F and wrap in butcher paper.
  • About 45 minutes per pound if you cook at 250F and wrap in aluminum foil.

How many people will a 20lb brisket feed?

And usually when brisket is served, so is a lot of other food so you may find yourself with leftovers, which is never a bad thing. That means, if you need to feed 20 people, get 12 pounds of brisket. Need to feed 50? Cook 30-33 pounds of brisket.

How big is a 10 lb brisket?

The typical full brisket weighs in at 8-12 pounds and is about 12-20 inches long and about 12 inches wide. The ‘point’ is the thicker end and the ‘flat’ is the thinner end. The deckle end is the ‘point’ end. [How do I barbecue a beef Brisket?]

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How long do you smoke a brisket at 225?

Checking the Temperature While Smoking

To achieve the best results, I cook the beef brisket at 225 degrees for about 1 hour and 15 minutes per pound. The time per pound is strictly a guide and cooking times will actually vary.

What temperature do you smoke brisket to?

The ideal temperature of a properly smoked brisket is 195°F, but keep in mind that the internal temp of the brisket can increase by 10 degrees even after it’s been removed from the grill. The last thing you want is to overcook your brisket, which results in dry, chewy meat.

How do you keep smoked brisket moist?

Rules for a moist brisket:

  1. Start with a well-marbled brisket with a thin layer of fat (cap).
  2. Keep fat on the brisket.
  3. Keep the fat between the meat and the fire as much as you can.
  4. Baste frequently with a good brisket mop.
  5. Flip and rotate your brisket at least once during the smoking to even out the exposure to heat.