How Long To Smoke Catfish?

What temperature do you smoke catfish at?

Fire up your smoker to 200 degrees.

Typical smoking is done between 220-250, but a little lower temperature for these catfish is nice to have to prevent them from cooking too quickly without absorbing the smoke flavor.

Take your catfish out of the refrigerator and out of the brine mixture.

Is Catfish good smoked?

Catfish is not as oily as salmon or trout but has more than tilapia, haddock or cod and can work great in the smoker. I made an herb marinade to flavour the catfish and help prevent it from drying out during the smoking process.

How long does smoked catfish last?

Your smoked catfish will keep stored in the fridge for up to three days. For longer storage, wrap the fillets in plastic wrap, then in foil, and freeze them. They will keep 6 months in the freezer.

How do you smoke catfish in the oven?

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