How Much Does A Smoke Alarm Cost?

Smoke Alarm Installation Cost

Item: Price inc VAT:
2 x wired alarms, interconnected £300.00
2 x Nest battery alarms £300.00
2 x Nest wired alarms £450.00
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2 more rows

How much does it cost to replace a smoke detector?

Smoke detectors can cost as little as $10 per unit, but can range up to around $100 for the upper end of the market. The bulk of the cost comes from hiring an electrician to install, at an average of $50/hr.

Do you need an electrician to change a smoke alarm?

Costs to replace hardwired smoke alarms

You can replace hard-wired detectors yourself, if you can reach them and if you have sufficient skill to replace a light fixture. (Be sure to first turn off electricity at the breaker box.) Otherwise, you can hire an electrician or an alarm service company to do the job.

Can you get free smoke alarms at the fire stations?

Some fire departments offer reduced-price, or even free, smoke alarms. Contact your local fire department’s non-emergency phone number for more information. Smoke alarms are powered by battery or by your home’s electrical system.

Is it OK to cover a smoke detector?

Rip off a piece of aluminum foil to fit over the smoke detector and around its sides. Wrap the piece of aluminum foil around the smoke detector. It should stay by itself, but if it doesn’t, wrap a large rubber band around it.