How To Blow Smoke Bubbles?

How do you blow smoke bubbles with a vape?

Vape Bubbles

You need an old toilet paper roll, excessively soapy water, and your vape mod. Dip one end of the toilet paper roll into the water like a bubble wand. Take a large hit, and then exhale slowly into the other end of the role. When the bubble is to your liking in size, poke at it, and watch the vapor release!

How do you blow a bubble?

To blow the best bubbles with bubblegum, start by chewing a piece of gum until it’s soft and smooth, then use your tongue to roll the gum into a ball and flatten it against the roof of your mouth. Next, open your teeth slightly and push your tongue through the flattened gum, moving it vertically in front of your teeth.

How do you make smoke bubbles out of toilet paper?

Dip one side of your toilet paper roll into the solution, so it’s ready once you smoke. Light up, inhale, and after you’ve lifted the roll out of the solution, blow gently into the dry end. Your magic bubble will start to form. If it doesn’t set sail right away, lightly motion the paper roll so the bubble launches off.