How To Smoke Crumble Without A Rig?

How can I smoke without a piece?

Plastic Lungs

You will need a plastic container (such as a 2-liter water bottle), aluminum foil, scissors, tape, and clear plastic bags. Cut the plastic container into two halves, then attach the plastic bag at the bottom of the top half using the tape.

How can I smoke wax without a warmer?

Place the knife on the inside of the bottle without touching any of the plastic—you don’t want any plastic melting off. Drop the dab on the hot knife while inhaling from the top of the bottle and there you go. That’s how you smoke wax without a dab rig.

How do you smoke shatter at home?

Smoking Shatter in a Vape Pen is Easy

  • Get yourself a concentrates vape pen.
  • Open the chamber and put a small piece of shatter on the coil.
  • Press the button while the chamber is still open so the shatter melts a bit, but is not burning.
  • Close the chamber and put the lid back on the vape.

Can you smoke oil with a lighter?

With just a rolling paper, oil, flower and cigarette lighter you are on your way to high heaven. This type of dab does take some work though, as the oil must be heated to a runny consistency and then allowed to dry before rolling and smoking. 6.