How To Smoke In The Bathroom Without Smell?

Can you smoke in the shower without it smelling?

It will absolutely not. As a matter of fact, that moist environment will make the smoke in the bathroom smell even more and allow the smell to stick to the walls. There will also be a residue build up on your shower stalls and walls.

Can you smoke in the bathroom with the shower on?

Smoking With The Shower Running. Go in your bathroom and turn the shower on all the way hot. Give it 5 or so minutes and then go in there and smoke a blunt. This also works to cover up the smell pretty good if you’re somewhere and want to smoke such as a dorm room or a hotel and don’t wanna get caught.

Does smoking cigarettes in the shower hide the smell?

Will smoking in a hot, steamy shower help the smell go away? No, you will still be able to smell it unless you are smoking out the window.